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gpc case

  1. Narayita

    Posted a new in-depth review I made of the GPC Mavic Pro Backpack

    Check it out guys, I wanted a good backpack that I could take out hiking in rough conditions with my Mavic pro, I knew that this bag was gonna be quality from my experience with 5.11 Tactical bags from my time in the Army. I'm really happy to report that the compartment for a camel-back is...
  2. R

    RC connection

    I'm a Mavic Pro newbie, so bear with me. I am seriously considering an IPad Mini 4 to use with my RC on my Mavic Pro. I have been trying to use my Galaxy S5, but it gets hot and it drains the RC battery. I have 2 questions: 1) I've read that the iOS devices do not seek a charge to the battery...