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  1. Pedro.FR2K

    Grainy Footage. Even at low ISO.

    Problem? Grainy footage. Was unit in a crash? Yes. 3 actually. First accident (July 2018): Bird strike, impact was at the rear left arm, landed safely. Second accident (September 2019): Collided with a tree at full speed (after checking logs, found out that the impact was at around 63 kph /...
  2. blackomega

    CN Intermodal train in the snow

    Merry Christmas Mavic pilots and soon to be a happy new year. Here is my intermodal train passing through parked grain cars at a siding. Its hard to film trains as you never know where they are but yestarday i got luckey Please subscribe to my channel and like if you like Enjoy
  3. blackomega

    Coal and Grain Export Terminal 4K

    Flight over an Island Terminal, sadly the coal port was on lunch break when I filmed this today so not a lot going on
  4. L

    Grainy above normal

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I read all the thread about grainy video but I found mine really grainy. I don't have a ND filter yet, but even without it, I can't explain this result (4K, 30fps, auto mode): Do you think that the camera has an issue (I am pretty sure the camera is OK) ...
  5. G

    MavicPro Platinum - grain & poor video quality

    Hi, new owner of MPP. Did couple of test flights today and was disappointed with video & photos coming out of drone. I've uploaded videos here for you to see: Dropbox - Upload Forum Setting as follows: Grain 1.mp4 - latest firmware - 4K, 30fps - 1/320 - 100 ISO - WB Cloudy - D-log - style...
  6. O

    Video noise/grain

    Hi guys, I filmed a little clip, and I just started editing it tonight, and I noticed an awful amount of grain, or whatever it is. This is completely ruining my footage. I filmed a few videos before, but this never happened to me. I'm not usually editing 4k videos, as my computer is not fast...