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  1. KartofeL

    Air 2 Countryside Poland - my first flight and first video ever

    Some footage from Poland. This was my first flight with a drone ever and this is my first video ever. I have some amateur experience with photography thoug, so color grading wasn't hard for me. I must watch some tutorials how to move around Davinci Resolve for future videos. I'm curious what you...
  2. Ryanmini

    Mini Nice Day Lets Fly Away

    Finally got my mini out for a fly on Tuesday here’s some footage from the flight, I’m new to this video taking/editing so still learning Enjoy
  3. Chalmers90

    Simonside Hills Scenery.... My first post.

    So, this is my first post on Mavic Pilots, even after owning a DJI Mavic Pro for well over a year! I'm going to attach a video of a recent visit to Simonside Hills (Northumberland, England) with my friend, Stuart. We decided after scaling to where we wanted to be, to get the drone out and...
  4. C

    Take Off Tactics

    Most of you will know that the grass doesn't need to be too long before it can cause problems at take off because the props catch the blades of grass. The solution is to take off away from the grass but this isn't always practical. I'm thinking of carrying something, maybe a small bit of...
  5. Dbrzuska

    First video with the Mavic

    I was able to take advantage of a break in the weather in NORCAL for quick flight with my brand new Mavic. It is such an amazing aircraft. Check it out... If you're interested, please check out my Channel -