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  1. Waliaf

    Greetings From Bremen Germany

    Hello everyone, I am new to Mavic and drone , got my Mavic 2 pro few days ago and had tried it few times, had my first small crash :) , the home position was not good enough and the drone did run out of juice and tries to land, I was not able to catch or cancel the landing, hit the wooden bench...
  2. Special Weapons Group

    Greetings from Sweden.

    HI all, just wanted to say hi and present us, I'm Eric and it charge of the new drone. We will primarily be using it for documentation of SPFX. Never mind that I'm happy to be here and will hopefully learn something from you all. Best regards Erik Elmgren
  3. Skydog

    Greetings from SF Bay Area

    Hello All, I'm excited to get my Mavic as soon as possible. I'm planning on bringing it on a trip to Antartica at the end of the year.
  4. studentoflight

    Hello from Maryland

    Hi everyone, patiently waiting for my Mavic to arrive as well. Any other pilots in the DMV area?