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  1. Z

    Los Angeles,Santa Clarita and more ....

    Los Angeles,Santa Clarita and more .... Just started flying drone I have a dji magic pro 2 and a dji fpv drone .
  2. A

    DJI Mavic Pro group near Grand Rapids MI

    New to drones and would like to find a support group, or better yet others who love to fly their drones. Any groups in Michigan and can contact?
  3. Cranky

    Lancashire flyers?

    New drone pilot- Anyone fly around Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Bolton?? any organised meetings or clubs?
  4. digitalartwerks

    Any Washington State Mavic Pro and Jeep Enthusiast?

    Hi from Issaquah Washington. Ordered a DJI Mavic Pro to replace my 3DR Solo. I love driving my Jeep to unique and scenic locations,to take drone footage. Let's Go!