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Lancashire flyers?

Give me a shout when you are going up. Where you from in bolton
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Easiest thing is to talk your mates in to buying mavic, there's now 3 of us that go out. Lol. It is much better.
Hi, is any based near Windermere am up here for a few days, 2 of my DJI Mavic blades have snapped off and need replacements asap, any ideas of were I can go to get them?
I’m from Manchester and interested in meet ups to fly. Does anyone have anything planned?
Used to live in Adlington. Rivington/Belmont will be great for footage. Lots of trees but equally Anglezarke might be good and a bit quieter :D
New drone pilot- Anyone fly around Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Bolton?? any organised meetings or clubs?
If your interested there’s a new FB group just launched, with the emphasis on connecting UK pilots.
Looks like it blocks the FB group link, if you want to check the group out, just search “ UK Drone Buddy Scheme “ Cheers all the best for 2018
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