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  1. Wavepilot Aerial

    Shooting, Editing, and Producing in H.264 or H.265 Codec?

    I produce mostly web marketing videos shooting in 4K with a P4P and Air 2S in H.264. I then most often edit and produce the final cut using H.264 reduced to 1920x1080, and only sometimes producing at full 4K. I'm considering doing some trials with the H.265 codec to try to save storage space as...
  2. keio

    Mavic Air 2 - H265 problem

    Greetings, I recently bought a Mavic Air 2 and could finally get it in the air 2 days ago, but while i was pretty satisfied with its flight performances, when i checked the footage i shot once back home, i noticed that all videos were without sound and failed (frozen image, then slowmotion but...
  3. S

    4k 60fps at H.265 not playing back on MacBook Pro 2015

    MA2 - My first drone. Test flight went smooth, came back to play the footage but it stuttered on my MacBook Pro. After testing various video settings I've realised that the codec h.265 won't play back on my Macbook. I really want to be able to record in 4k 60fps and to be able to view/edit...
  4. S

    Mavic 2 Zoom and H.265 / improvements over MP1

    Hi, I am also not sure if I should go for the Pro or the Zoom. As working on videos from the M2P would definitely put my hardware to the limit, I'm leaning towards the Zoom for now. So maybe I will be ending up filming in 4K 30 FPS with h.264... One thing I could not find in all forums/blogs...