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  1. W

    Stavanger Summer in Scandinavia

    Stavanger Summer in Scandinavia Some unusually good weather the last few days in Stavanger, western Norway?? and also great light for photos and videos. Took a series of videos early morning and also in the evening and have put together a short compilation of the clips (3 minutes and 24...
  2. blackomega

    Harbour Dredging for a new LNG terminal

    Good Morning Pilots In the small town of Kitimat they are working on building one of Canada's First liquified natural gas (LNG) terminals and its quite the undertaking. At the moment they are dredging the harbour. to make it deeper I presume. Finally the stars aligned with weather and day off...
  3. blackomega

    Ship Spotting Winter Edition

    Hello Pilots Here is my latest int the ship spotting series. Now with Snow Enjoy
  4. blackomega

    Harbour Tugs doing what they do best. The SST Tsimshian Warrior

    Good morning Mavic pilots This is my third instalment of my SST Tsimshian Warrior series. I have been following this tug since it arrived in Canada after being built in turkey I finally had the chance to film her working. Although she was built primarily to escort and assist liquified propane...