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  1. Cai

    Mini 2 Models and Hardware Differences

    Hey all, I was wondering will the Mini 2 come in two different models similarly to the original Mavic mini? As I know the Mavic mini came in two different models depending on which country you bought it from, Model MT1SS5 (FCC) and Model MT1SD25 (CE), and the FCC model could fly further than...
  2. I

    What is a good Drone Phone running Android 11? (MavicMini)

    Hi, I'm clumsy and arguably an idiot, so I don't like fumbling with a $1300 phone when I want to fly my skycamera. Trying to chase down the supported devices on the DJI Fly play store uri is a mess when I also need to remember that I've subscribed to DroneLink and I've had a lot of fun learning...
  3. D

    Power System Hardware Error - 30210 - With LOG FILE!

    Hey everyone! I'm Dillon, new drone pilot and new here. I did some browsing and found some good info, so I decided to make an account and post my issue here. As the title states... List of events... Test flight - good. Landing - battery was low and drone decided to fly home to land, as it got...
  4. diviaster1398

    Gimbal dropping and elevating at max and min angle respectively. Is it broken? HELP!

    Just a week ago, i purchased Mavic Mini. Its great little mighty drone. And I have already mastered flying it. 3 days ago I found out in sports and position mode that ... At Gimbal angle > -5° upto maximum i.e 120°, going forward, it makes a sudden drops to -8° Gimbal angle < -80° upto minimum...
  5. MilesTHD

    Your Editing Hardware? Mine is choking on 4k.

    It seems I've reached the limit of my laptop since I got the Mavic. Most video I create and edit in Adobe CC is from my LG V20 phone - which is 1080p. Now that I want to edit in 2 or 4k - no way. Even when trying to create proxy files my computer just chokes and stutters and finally just gives...
  6. 3

    Sending my Mavic back before even flying it

    My experience so far... After a long wait I finally got my Mavic Pro, after checking out the tutorials and practicing on the simulator I decided to finally fly it. Turned on the drone to start my flight and I was greeted with two lovely messages " Talked to their online support and they asked...