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  1. W

    Vuzix M4000

    I recently bought a Vuzix M400 and I thought they were okay but lacking and size of screen. Then I came across a Vuzix M4000 with the waveguide technology. These are their flagship industrial smart glasses. They work incredibly well. I'm still waiting on the M4000 but I wanted to buy a...
  2. D

    How to fly Mavic Air 2 using Oculus Quest 2

    I got a new Oculus Quest 2 as a gift last week and I would like to use them to fly my drone Mavic Air 2 as a FPV headset. I think that maybe I could just mirror the mobile screen to the Oculus or something like that (I would make the Gimbal not respond to my head movements, but could be a...
  3. F

    Experience flying MA with Avegant Glyph Headset?

    Anyone use the Avegant Glyph headset to fly their Mavic Air? Any issues? How's the latency? No need for glasses with the projector tech? Image large and clear? Looking to buy a pair and use HDMI with my Shield tablet. Thanks.
  4. YeeaaBoii

    REMOVE: DJI Goggles - Open Package - $450 shipped in USA

    Hello Everyone, I recently received my DJI Goggles. I ordered them from DroneNerds shortly after the preorders came up. At the time, I just really wanted them for the cool factor but now I'm having second thoughts and could use the money since I am moving into a new apartment soon. They have...
  5. M

    New App For Mavic Pro

    Hi everybody, my name is Michele, i'm a app developer and a Mavic Pro owner.. i almost finish to develop my first app for the Mavic Pro, i't will be on app store by the end of may, it's an app dedicated to FPV with VR headset.. maybe someone interested... here is a preview....
  6. M

    Good VR headset for Iphone 7 and Litchi

    Any ideas for a good VR headset that works with Iphone 7 and Litchi? Should have "see through" so I can use the Iphone camera. I also have some poor eyesight so adjustable optics would be good. Have looked at Homido V2 , anyone tried those? Or any other headset that is good?