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healthy drones

  1. J

    Do we not need any sort of EMF protection from the RC? thoughts

    After a couple of month of extensive Mavic-Video watching and contemplating; my Mavic Pro has finally arrived; bought it just week before going on cruises for the very first time.(Alaska) Flew the Mavic 3 days on the roll at a park near my house for a total flight time of 55mins. but for some...
  2. N

    Mavic Pro Battery - Discharge

    Hello, Im new to this "Hobby" and I read different forum threads and I would like your opinion. As stated the Batteries are "intelligent" and discharge own their own to 65% according to settings. I read though that if you fly somewhere you need the batteries to be discharged to 10%-20% and...
  3. DroneTone

    Healthy Drones and Firmware v01.03.0600

    I noticed on my Healthy Drones Flight Logs that since upgrading to firmware v01.03.0600, the correct battery serial number is now being read from DJI GO app flight records into Healthy Drones, (Litchi was already able to do so). Unfortunately though, no other battery info is present, but at...
  4. Romi

    Healthy drones

    Is there no support for auto upload to healthy drones with the Mavic? Moreover, do you really have to hook up the Mavic to a computer to access the fight data/video?