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  1. W

    Does the Air 3 have a fan?

    Recently purchased an Air 3 (A3) that is still in the box. I was just about to open it a day or so ago when I heard about the announcement of the Mini 4 Pro (M4P). Currently using a Mini 3 Pro (M3P) but really wanted to get something with full 360 obstacle avoidance. I fly in Arizona and there...
  2. B

    Screen appeared to freeze in hot weather?

    Hi all, Last week when it was hot, the feed froze on my iphone 7+ whilst flying, I panicked and immediately RTH. Is this a 'thing' in the heat? Was I right to RTH immediately?
  3. GeraldV

    Too hot to fly?

    Just received my authorisation from AAN in Portugal to take video footage over the Douro river this weekend in Portugal. The issue is the weather forecast is predicting air temperatures in excess of 45 degrees and so a few questions: Is it safe to fly the craft in these types of temperatures...
  4. eroomomni

    Did flying in >100 degree weather do this to my batteries?

    I have puffed Mavic batteries all of a sudden and it might be from the heat. I realize this topic has no doubt been discussed many times. However, I'd like a little advice in a hurry. These batteries pictured below have a lot of hours on them and have served me well. I am working out in the...