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Too hot to fly?


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May 12, 2018
Just received my authorisation from AAN in Portugal to take video footage over the Douro river this weekend in Portugal. The issue is the weather forecast is predicting air temperatures in excess of 45 degrees and so a few questions:

  • Is it safe to fly the craft in these types of temperatures?
  • Anything to be mindful of such as lower battery performance; craft prone to overheat?
  • Are there any warnings given in the app when the craft is nearing a critical temperature?
Of course I might melt, but I can quickly get into shade. :p
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I’ve flown in 110 degrees but the fights are limited due to phone overheating and shutting down quickly & it’s even worse if I’m flying slow on the drone with Main Controller data errors.
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Thanks guys. Looks the safest option is not to risk it. Allowance is for 2 months so will wait for cooler times; was just eager to get out flying again as been out of operation 3 weeks waiting for authorisations.

Appreciate the advice.
hi All,

I live in india and recently purchased a 2nd hand drone. My drone gets main controller data error under many conditions
1. if i leave drone on ground for about 10 minutes it overheats
2. if i fly drone for 5-7 min and then take a break it gets error
3. First booting i did not fly just doing setup, i got the same error, even the CPU shut down due to overheating

Additional Testing done
removed the top cover and kept on ground, it did not overheat
Cleaned the air intake filter, not much change.

is this normal, since ambient in delhi, india is about 38-40 degree C
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