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  1. A

    Mavic Air Crash in forest

    So today, after more than 144 flights and 72km of experience, my Mavic Air crashed. I was flying it above some trees at around 120 meters. I wanted to return home, but it started landing itself. At the time, I was only around 250 meters away and still 15% battery left. Started looking for it...
  2. A

    Mavic Air Controller Pairing Issues

    Hello, I recently sold my Mavic Air on eBay after upgrading to the Mavic Air 2. My original was in great condition and everything was functioning properly. My buyer received the package with no issues. Upon starting up the drone, he performed an update and has since been unable to link the...
  3. V

    Crashed, purchased new gimbal, gimbal has the shakes.

    Hello everybody! New drone operator here. Bought a refurbished unit from the DJI website. I got a little arrogant and crashed my drone. Pretty big impact. Destroyed the gimbal. I ordered a replacement gimbal off of ebay and installed it myself. When I start up the drone, I am able to connect...
  4. O

    Mavic Air rescue mission after water flood

    Hello, My Wife Father give me a Mavic Air Which accidently landed one leg in salty water. I recognise on core board, flat ribbon connector is burned. Problem is, anybody know where I can order 2 of them? They are 30 pin (two sides 15 pins each). Kind Regards, Lukasz. I check and I found another...
  5. H

    MA only flies 6 mph, Including in sports mode

    Hi all. My MA has stopped flying above 6 mph whenever it has a GPS lock. In atti mode it is fine. I have calibrated compass, vision, IMU and controller, reinstalled firmware, factory reset, tried both iOS and Android, enabled intelligent flight modes, flown 15 miles away and it is not in...
  6. I

    Quarterly Compilation 4

    Although it's been a relatively quiet quarter due to the weather I seem to have lots of highlights. Strap in, hold tight and don't forget the beer because it's a long one! Some sections have been sped up or slowed down for editorial reasons. Filmed with a Mavic Air using ND filters and post...
  7. S

    Mavic Air Gimbal Dial Is also moving drone?

    So a few weeks ago, my Mavic Air started doing this weird thing. When it’s up in the air, and I try to adjust the pitch of the gimbal, the gimbal moves, but the drone also moves sideways, in which ever direction the dial is turned. I tried recalibrating a few things, but nothing worked. Any...
  8. D

    Mavic Air - shooting video at night - best settings

    Hi there, I've googled a lot, and tried to find answers in existing threads, but no luck so far. I need to get the best night footage from my Mavic Air, I've tested several settings and assumed the following so far: - going above ISO 800 makes footage extremely grainy with some flickering...
  9. Joymaker

    Mavic Air stolen at Page, Arizona

    By the fantastic shores of Lake Powell is Page, Arizona, and there I unpacked and repacked my full car one evening to find my laundry. Thereafter my backpack and the Mavic Air in it (with case but without controller or other good stuff) came up missing. Serial number 0K1DF191BD9XHF . If you...
  10. Maik Kellerhals

    Gemmipass | Exploring Switzerland Ep. 8 | Mavic Air / Osmo Pocket

    I went up the mountains again:
  11. Maik Kellerhals

    Wohlensee | Exploring Switzerland Ep. 7 | Mavic Air / Osmo Pocket

    After a longer absence i went exploring my neighbourhood again:
  12. TechVoyager

    Amatuer Drone shots. WMD19 - 2539 Bikers at one Place

    Hello Friends, Check out my new video on the WMD19 event. Pardon me for some amateaur shots. Just trying to get a hang of all this. And improving drone shots with every new flight. Let me know in the comment section - what you liked and what can be improved. The video is entirely shot on MA...
  13. M

    First flight (in backyard in beginner's mode)

    Nothing fancy, but it sure was fun. Compared to the little electric RC airplanes I have flown in the past, this was soooo easy and relaxing :) This is especially relevant given the winds we had this morning. I kept it low and slow and did well (I think anyway)
  14. M

    I Shot some cinematics of my Car - Mavic Air

    Took my Air out and gave it my best to get some awesome cinematics! Definitely a lot to learn, but I'm happy with the result! Let me know some feedback?
  15. TechVoyager

    Is the DJI forum down? Its not opening since 2-3 days.

    Is the DJI forum down [The original DJI forum] ? Its not opening since 2-3 days. Any idea?
  16. A

    [SOLD]: Flying Mavic Air for Repair or Parts

    Good project for someone who knows what they're doing with these things, but I have neither the time nor motivation to dig into trying to fix it. The good: Drone flies well. I attached the maximum 10 pictures here and have a Google drive folder I will share with anyone interested that includes...
  17. M

    Mavic Air - Best Color Grade Software for Flat looking footage?

    I have been loving my mavic air after having it for a week or two, but one thing that I am having trouble with is the color grading. I learnt to shoot in D-Cinelike, with a really soft picture profile, Something like 0, -2, -3. Problem is, when I go to color grade, which I thought would be...
  18. TechVoyager

    A beautiful bike ride to the beautiful Kotagiri Hill station [Video]

    Just some newbie amateur drone shots for your feedbacks. Raw footages no color grading. And through the eyes of our beloved Mavic Air [0,0,0, Auto settings, Normal Scene, No D-Cinelike] Trying to fly more and learn more.. Hope you enjoyed this video. Please support the channel by hitting the...
  19. S

    Brand new 2 Pro with DJI Care and extras

    I purchased this 2 Pro back in April for a trip to Banff Canada and Glacier National Park that unfortunately fell through due to surgery. This was easier to take then my Inspire. So this is up for sale. Mavic Pro 2 with 4 minutes of testing flight time on it. Comes with everything included in...
  20. pradneshpatil

    I was gifted a new Mavic Air!

    And i would like to upgrade to the Fly More Combo. I was wondering if i can buy the extra items as bundle somewhere? If not, what are the additional items included and if I were to buy them separately, which ones would you recommend getting them in a stat-ranked order? Thank you