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  1. T

    Mavic Air 2 Temperature Issue

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone might be able to shed any light on an issue I'm having with my new Mavic Air 2. It's the first drone I've owned and up until about a week ago had no issues. Suddenly when I power on the drone I receive a warning saying: "The temperature of the current environment is...
  2. GeraldV

    Too hot to fly?

    Just received my authorisation from AAN in Portugal to take video footage over the Douro river this weekend in Portugal. The issue is the weather forecast is predicting air temperatures in excess of 45 degrees and so a few questions: Is it safe to fly the craft in these types of temperatures...
  3. N

    Keeping Batteries Warm for a Few Days

    Hello, I'm going on a road trip and would like to take the Mavic. I plan on sleeping in my car and am expecting temperatures to be anywhere from 20F to 50F. I suppose I could put them in my pocket while I sleep, however, that doesn't sound all that comfortable. How would I keep the batteries...
  4. M

    High Battery Temps

    Has anyone checked their post flight battery temps? I pulled one out last night and measured it at ~145F (ambient temp around 65F). This seems pretty darn toasty on a lipo, it was after about a 17 minute flight with the return flight in sport mode.
  5. P

    -18°C/-4°F Winter footage, first time flight/edit/color. Feedback would be awesome!

    Hey all, it's my first time flying my drone and first try at editing with Premiere Pro (trial version). I shot in D-Log and colored for the very first time. I tinted the video a bit red for some warmth and added some blue to the sky as the original footage had white light, white snow and a lot...