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  1. Yaros

    Police Helicopter tried to locate my drone?! Or was it just a coincidence?

    Hello, Today something odd happened to me, I was recording some videos near my school with the drone for a project, got authorization from the school, and went flying. I didn't go above 30 meters high, and that's very good. 10 minutes after takeoff a Police Helicopter started flying above and...
  2. cgmaxed

    Air 2s Helicopter flies right across a, and it's close. Please read the description below.

    This drone pilot must have been on his lunch break, when this helicopter crossed his path. Please read the description in the Video's YouTube channel before you have a heart attack over it. Or just read the text, I cut and pasted from the video. Spoiler Alert, "Well you all like to see rare...
  3. W

    Not always the drone operators who are wrong

    I try and fly by the rules and do the correct thing. In Switzerland I wanted to fly my drone about 4km from a heliport (Interlaken) so technically within the 5km zone. After telephoning the airport I was sent by email a form to complete. For some reason, the heliport wanted 24 hours notice...
  4. S

    Katana with Mavic 2 Pro

    Hi everybody, I am planning to take a doors off helicopter flight over NYC. I would like to take with me Mavic 2 Pro with katana for shooting stabilized video, but I do not know if the Mavic will be work in video mode not in flight mode there. Do you know is it possible? Please advice. With...
  5. daveshrews

    Reminder to always stay alert (VERY LOW HELICOPTER!)

    I had a good reminder yesterday of why you should always maintain good situational awareness and never assume you won't encounter manned aircraft under 400.... I had planned to do a little flying with my Mavic Air and was outside getting set up (luckily I wasn't in the air yet.) Literally out...