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high school

  1. T

    authorization for night without position lights, but the area is lit

    Greetings, First time posting. I'm looking to apply for an authorization under 107 to record the local high school marching band's evening practices next Fall. The area is stadium lit, but the hours would technically be at night. Is anyone aware of such an authorization makeup?
  2. E

    Looking for a $150 mavic drone does not matter what kind parrot drone also works to.

    I have been flying my parrot bebop 2 power for already 2 years and have really enjoyed it. Last week it decided to not turn on. I am in High school and I cannot spend more then 150 dollars. Anything helps. I am also willing to trade one iphone 6 and one iphone 6s
  3. rickfmdj

    Air 2 My 1st Winter MA2 Photos of "donuts" at my local high school

    Enjoy the winter fun!
  4. desertvet38

    Visit Back to My Hometown in Mishawaka, Indiana

  5. G

    Mavic Air over Windermere High School Stadium - Florida

    Shot footage over the new WHS Stadium today. It was quite windy. Also did a Pano... The world's biggest drone photo and video sharing platform | Only my third video with the new Mavic Air. Flawless so far!