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high wind

  1. S

    Mini 3 ICELAND - DJI MINI PRO 3 - Did it pass the high wind test?

    Hi everyone, I'm pleased to present to you my first film with the Mini pro 3, it has been such a thrill flying it last week - I'm impressed by the output for such a small drone. It held pretty well the harsh wind of Iceland - Not all the time but most of it :) Hope you'll enjoy it.
  2. D

    Platinum Props on a Pro (standard) queries

    Hi All, Been using Platinum props on my Pro. Few queries: How many of you have adjusted the gain? And did you do it because you saw camera wobble at hover or because you got jello when moving? Did it solve it? Also, would adjusting the gain have any impact on high wind velocity warning...
  3. K

    engine failure

    hi there I am extremly happy how my macic pro behaves in the rough northeastern brazilian environement. but yesterdays gusts were probably too much and my drone fell for the first time off the sky. With its last gps signal, it was easy to locate, one front arm was folded back and its propeller...
  4. Cookedinlh

    Video of Mavic Wind Limits! >40mph or 18m/s

    Today 8 mar 2017, Sarnia ON Canada. DJI Mavic Pro . . fighting hard to stay on place with 30mph winds gusting 55. Mavic Pro came through and managed to not get blown away in the gusts buy dropping down under 50ft. This was only possible in SPORT mode. . . and near full deflection of controls a...