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  1. S

    Sudden Noise When Selecting Custom Channel

    I've generally had poor range on my Mavic Air since purchasing it and it constantly needs compass calibration where my MP virtually never required recalibration. Today I decided to check out custom channels in an effort to solve the problem and seemingly identified something unusual. I live in...
  2. A

    Drones in Space? Who Wants to volunteer a Mavic for this? :-P

    Thanks to google analytics, it sometimes shows me weird videos... like this one... Any Mavic Volunteers? Maybe you can fly it back? haha
  3. V

    Flying MAVIC in hight cities

    Hi, I am going to Chachapoyas, Peru located at 2400mts high aprox., this month, please let me know any weakness of MAVIC's to operate right at that altitude. Regards, Arturo
  4. R

    Active Track not working at high altitude.

    Hi guys, I have been following friends ski touring up a mountain i followed them till 400m from takeoff point, i was really close to the subject, but DJI go 4 displays, object too high. Is this intended in the drones limitations? Has somebody experienced the same? Footage Link: