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  1. On The Mark Aerial

    Platinum for Real Estate

    I use my Mavic Platinum for Real Estate still photos, and the realtors love the end product. They prefer still photos taken from above and from all angles. I ask them what main features to capture, such as certain selling points. I take several photos from all four corners of the properties...
  2. J

    Question: RTH under a cliff

    SOLVED! check at the bottom ↓ Hi guys, I have a question about RTH feature and a cliff. Imagine we are at the top of a cliff of 150 meters over the sea, And we setup the RTH altitude at 50m, And we setup the homepoint there at the top And we fly our drone down the cliff, to 20 meters...
  3. P

    Humble Home 4K

    Simply sharing a short video of our home, all shot with the Mavic. Thanks for looking!
  4. Saj

    UK Insurance - Getting your drone covered.....

    Hi, Just wanted to share something with everyone in the UK. Prior to purchasing my Mavic Pro, I did some research on insurance options. I fly mine as a hobby and do not complete any commercial work with it. I contacted a number of Home Insurance companies and all of the said no to covering...
  5. C

    First Video With My New Mavic

    Hello everyone. Took my Mavic out for a first day of filming. Foggy all morning and overcast, but I worked with what I had. I'd always wanted to know what my wooded property and house look like from the air. A better view than Google gives me. So I flew around my land today and captured my...