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    New DJI Air 2S 1-meter hover crashed to ground

    Hello, I've already noticed some tumble/jerk during my 2nd flight with some spontaneous gimbal/cam tilting down issues, it was absolutely scary. So I decided to do some 1-meter hover to see whether the tumble/jerk continues to happen. And yep, it started to shake in the air like hell, and then...
  2. A

    Airmap vs Hover Vs B4UFly Vs DJI Go App

    I'm a newbie if you haven't noticed., So which is the one to go with? Airmap shows more 'do not fly zones' and orange circles than others basically makes me feel like I should return my drone It includes every single airport in the area (large to tiny. Hover gives me the most hope. B4UFly is...
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    Disconnect, crash, and customer service

    Sorry in advance for this lengthy post. I was hoping that my first forum post would be words of excitement about my new Mavic (bought in December), however, I've had nothing by disconnects, random hoovers, and finally a full crash into a gazebo as a result of constant disconnects! I've read so...
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    Best hovering.

    Does anyne know which setting or best way to get the most steady hovering on the Mavic. Im currently on firmware .550 since I tried to update to .700 but was havign all sorts of problem. thanks