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  1. R

    Mediapad M5 8.4 tablet and M2 controller fit

    Considering the Huawei mediapad m5 8" for my mavic 2 pro but I want to hear from users if it fits in the rc controller? Not interested in using holders or ipad alternative options. Thanks
  2. M

    Problemi di connessione cellulare controller

    Salve, scrivo questo messaggio perchè ho da poco comprato un drone Dji Mavic Pro e ho dei problemi di connessione tra il cellulare e il controller. Ad ogni volo ci sono delle perdite di connessione di pochi secondi (1/2 secondi) dove non vedo più le immagini del mio drone sul mio cellulare...
  3. P

    Phone is not found mavic pro- Help

    Bonjour, When I connect my phone to the remote control, it is not recognized by the drone. Neither in dji go, nor in litchi. I have a huawei P20 pro. I tried with a huawei p9 and huawei p30 pro, it's OK perfectly, the phones are well recognized direct when I plug them. What to do? Thanks for...
  4. ConsciousGeek

    Pre-installed malware discovered on 5M Android smart phones

    I know that I've seen most people purchasing Huawei products as alternatives, so I thought this may be relevant. According to Check Point Mobile Security team researchers, millions of brand new Android smartphones manufactured by Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Samsung and GIONEE came out...
  5. P

    Huawei P10+ or OnePlus 5T/5

    Hi guys, I´m about to buy a new phone for my Mavic, cause my old Samsung A3 does not work with it. I was thinking about Huawei P10+ or OnePlus 5T or just 5. Each has a good 6GB RAM (or even 8GB with the OnePlus) which I think should be enough..but I´m really scared it won´t work with the drone...

    Spec for Tablet

    Hi guys need help with specs for tablet looking at this but not sure if its powerful enough to run DJI go any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks in advance. Display Type IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors Size 7.0 inches (~67.2% screen-to-body ratio) Resolution 600 x 1024 pixels...
  7. K

    Huawei Mediapad M2 8.0 and Mavic issues

    Hi guys, I looked trough the forums but could find anything close to my issues. I have a Huawei Mediapad M2 8.0, it is great, stable and I am happy with it. However if I connect it to Mavic remote, during the flight the drone keeps disconnecting. Its not like it disconnects completely, i.e. the...