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  1. rickfmdj


    Taken MA2 7.9.21 about 70ft active track
  2. rickfmdj

    Air 2 Waukegan Down View of Boats

    With MA2 4K30fps
  3. rickfmdj

    Air 2 Waukegan Harbor, IL (lake Michigan)

    Taken with MA2 7.9.21 120ft
  4. My First Drone Flight!

    My First Drone Flight!

    ClunkyAF! Just sharing my first flight ever, for a laugh or two! Hope you enjoy :)
  5. N

    Anybody flying in Northern Illinois/Southeastern Wisconsin

    I'm new to the hobby, going to do commercial work when I get more experience. I am looking for great places to fly around northern Illinois. I would like to try along Lake Michigan. Right now I need the flight time... I brought my Drone to Arizona for a week and found it either too hot to fly or...
  6. Accidental DronePilot

    Greater Chicagoland area, IL

    Looking to make this a regular place to catch up and post for some get together meet ups. I'm in the Western Burbs, but I'm all over the area with friends and work. Hit me up here. I'm learning but I'm a fast study Thanks, Accidental Drone Pilot
  7. N

    Hi from Aurora Illinois