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  1. B

    Mavic Air with LG phone. Videos are saved but not images.

    The Mavic Air is my first drone and I am enjoying it very much. I use an Android LG G6 and have only one issue. The videos I capture are saved to an SD card in the Air and simultaneously saved to my device. The still images are nowhere to be found on the device, but if I view them through the...
  2. I

    Using LUTs for Mavic Pro Videos

    Tried out the Aurora LUTs Pack From Polar Pro. 1st time using, not bad results. Anyone else using them? What others are there that are good? Cheers
  3. I

    FW Update V01.04.0100 Pano, Tagging & Privacy

    Just Updated, and playing with Pano on the Mavic Pro. Impressive. Less pics taken than on the spark, but results are good. Anyone else concerned on the lack of FW Roll Back?
  4. Joely-Bird

    Some Pics from the neighborhood

    I haven't yet posted any pics or videos here... mostly because I haven't had any results that I'm pleased with... don't get me wrong, it is entirely down to my own lack of creativity recently, not down to the Mavic! Most of my flights to date have been tests and getting to know the bird... and...
  5. Kennetf

    Do you use the digital zoom?

    Zup peepz! I shot some stills with the mavic pro the other day, and needed to crop them in post due to poor framing. If I were aware of the long distance between the subject and the quad when I shot the images, I could zoom in a little, but to my understanding, you loose the same amount of data...
  6. I

    Trying to get Killer Images? Is all about exposure

    On the quest to master the myriad of on-board tools that help get that kill shot with the DJI Mavic Pro. How to get Killer Images With DJI Mavic Pro Drone - ikopta