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  1. RawRock

    a video from imovie to my iPad Pro makes it lower quality?

    These videos Im making with my Mavic Pro 2 will look amazing on imovie when im done, but just by saving it to my videos on my ipad pro makes the quality jump way down. How can I fix this problem?
  2. N

    jerky 4k video in iMovie and Quicktime

    I am filming in 4k (both 60fps and 30fps) using .mov format H265 I have transferred the video from MicroSD on to my desktop and then imported from there to either QT or iMovie. Both of them play the video back in a very jerky or happy motion. any suggestions appreciated OS is 10.14...
  3. I

    Hello from Drewvale Australia

    Hi, I have just bought my Mavic Pro on super holidays special and I’m totally stoked with it. I had a hantom 3S which was fantastic but I couldn’t resist the Mavic at the reduced price. My best Mate bought my P3S and he’s happy as too. The Mavic performed perfectly out of the box and I’m...
  4. J

    iphone 8 video editing

    Hi, just got an iphone8+ and want to use it to fly my Mavic with (connected to controller of course) and then edit video's on the phone itself, then publish. anybody else doing the same on iphone? if so, how's the results? am i stuck with imovie here? sorry if there is another forum for...
  5. Swing4TheRing

    The Little Tugboat that Could

    Watched this tugboat push a large barge out of the harbor... freshwater shipping at it's finest!
  6. Nafnonac

    Flight over the Firth of Forth - Scotland

    My first attempt at editing footage from a few flights over the Firth of Forth yesterday with my new Mavic Pro. The montage is Lady tower in Elie, then a small part of Kirkcaldy shore line and finally a small snippet of the new Queensferry crossing bridge. I have not did any adjustment to the...
  7. DougAles

    ♦️My first wedding video...seeking criticism♦️

    My first wedding video Filmed with my iPhone, iPad and my drone Edited on my iPhone with iMovie No professional photography or videography training I did this for free for family as I was a guest who was asked to make a video ♦️Seeking kind constructive criticism♦️
  8. Eyvindj

    iMovie error code 10008 - Root cause

    This problem is now resolved, cause of problem is the SD card reader. See below. I am starting this thread in order to provide answers / isolate causes for this. I am following a '5 level deep "Why?" approach' in looking for answers. I would invite anyone experiencing this problem in feeding...
  9. Eyvindj

    Relative size of letterbox?

    UPDATED I have shot a short video in 2720x1530 @ 30p and have experimented with creating a letterbox as an overlay in iMovie in post in order to create a cinematic look to the video. The letterbox overlay was also done in 2720x1530, but I find that during the video the relative size in height of...
  10. CoolBreeze

    First video post

    First video post. Windy drone day, found sheltered location to fly and video. Using iMovie on iPad was unable to compress 4K to post directly? YouTube link attached... Ordered lens filters, APPRECIATE SUGGESTIONS on what filter to use in same location.
  11. TrayBoz

    How to get a .JPG photo out of my .MP4 video?

    I'm new to editing videos and photos on the Mac. The only tool/software I really have for this is IMovie, which is an incredible little (free) program - especially for a photog newbie like me. Is there an easy way to just take ONE FRAME from one of my .MP4 videos and convert it to a simple...
  12. Deadpool

    First Mavic video - Keswick, England

    Have a wee look at my first video created using my Mavic and iMovie. I reckon it's not too bad for a first video. Filmed in Keswick, England (was just on a wee weekend trip)
  13. M

    Black frames in 4K video file

    I was having trouble with iMovie (latest version) where I kept getting a export failure 10008. Searching through the net, I found that the export function will fail if the video has a bad frame in it. After going through my recent footage, I found a few... 1 or 2 in every video shot. I was...