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  1. Frightwriter

    Indoor Video with Mavic Air

    Using a handheld gimbal, can anyone recommend video/still camera settings for the Mavic Air indoors? Thanks in advance!
  2. M

    Footage - Flying Indoors / Motion Control shots

    100% shot on a DJI Mavic Pro. We hadn't found much footage of indoor drone shots before doing this so we decided to share our own experience. Shooting with the Mavic was extremely fast and gave incredible control replacing Dollies, Sliders, Jibs, and even Motion Control systems. What you guys...
  3. J

    Flying Indoors

    I have had a Mavic Pro for several months. Flown over 120 times, all out doors. I am reluctant to even let the props spin indoors. I am thinking about giving it a try. My ceilings are 10ft high. I am thinking of using tripod mode to ensure that I don't make any sudden movements that might...
  4. G

    ATTI mode crash but happy end

    Just wanted to share my near catastrophic first flight for other rookies out there who may be tempted to try their Mavic indoors. So, I come in late from work carrying that sweet new Mavic, sun is setting so I figure I'll take it for a short test flight indoors - I live in a refurbished barn...
  5. DesertWindAero

    Active Track indoors?

    Has anyone tried Active Track while flying indoors? If so, how'd it go?
  6. DesertWindAero

    WiFi flying indoors... Has anyone tried it?

    Just curious if anyone has tried WiFi flying indoors. If so, how'd it go? What kind of environment was it? Large, open space? Offices? Cubicle city? Did you try flying through doorways or windows? Really would like to know before trying it...thanks!
  7. DesertWindAero

    Indoor flying and patterns

    Regarding indoor flying, the Mavic manual says: "...the Downward Vision System cannot work properly on surfaces without clear pattern variations..." Do you think something like this, laid down a concrete floor would work?