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intelligent battery

  1. A

    Charging your battery after a flight

    Hello Pilots! Charging your battery after a flight. After a flight I usually like to let my batteries sit inside for at least a hour to cool down,then charge them once again,I was wondering what practices do you follow once you have flown? regarding if you want to fly again asap without...
  2. M

    Battery charge level for storage

    Hello, As a new Mavic pilot I've been reading as much as free time allows. However there are still some questions I can't find a conclusive answer. Regarding the intelligent battery, let's say I fly until it is 30% to 40% and then I know I won't be flying for a while (5 days or so). Should I...
  3. Buzzfly

    SOLD One charge One flight Mavic Pro Battery, original packaging.

  4. H

    FOR SALE: DJI Mavic Pro with Additional Intelligent Battery $1,650

    Basically new DJI Mavic Pro drone. (Been flown less than 10 times with no crashes or issues.) Brand new Intelligent UNOPENED Battery included as well. Comes with all original packaging! Great condition highly motivated to sell this drone! Amazing product which is so much fun to fly. Contact me...