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intelligent modes

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    Exit Intelligent mode without phone

    Hi! I have Android phone, so I have app crashes sometimes. I was flying with Point Of Interest mode (one of intelligent modes) when suddenly app crashed and didn't launch again. So, I pressed pause button on the controller and mavic hovered in place. Without app I tried to fly MP back home...
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    Intelligent Flight Modes on a Windy Day.

    I walk everyday and sometimes take Buster my Lab and if the weather is decent my Mavic. Today was nice albeit windy but I flew anyway wanting to practice some of the Intelligent Flight Modes. I did the following: 1. Follow Me 2. Spotlight 3. Active Track - Profile 4. Course Lock This is just...
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    Mavic Intelligent modes & Unicycle

    Hi all! After one week of practice with my new amazing bird, I did my first trip with my mavic. What I love more? Well, it flies perfectly, it's amazing and it fits in that green backpack! Enjoy Nic