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internal storage

  1. O

    Transfering files from Mavic 2 Pro to Mac(wicked newbie)

    Hi All-Though I did it yesterday,I am trying to transfer photos(raw+jpg)from Mavic @ pro to a macbook.Can't for the life of me remember how I did it.Macbook has USB 2 potrts.Thanks for the help.
  2. V

    Mavic 2 pro hyperlapse videos stored in internal card

    Hi, when i create hyperlapse, always video is stored on internal card. I have installed external card and settings for image and video are set to use it. But hyperlapse videos are still created on internal card. Do you know how to change to external ?
  3. mlash

    Connecting Air to Computer - Help

    It's very obvious that you have to turn on the Mavic Air While connected to your computer for access to the SD storage and Internal Storage. But I wonder if you can connect without taking off the Props, unfolding the Arms and/or taking off the Gimbal Guard? The Gimbal Guard is my major concern...