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ipad air 2

  1. Lincolnshire Poacher

    Help with tablet please

    I purchased my Mavic Pro Fly More at the end of November, due to work and poor weather I have only managed a couple of one hour sessions. I used my Samsung S7 Edge in the Mavics controller and this seemed to work well. I am connecting with DJIGo4 I’m now looking to buy a tablet for use with...
  2. L

    Overheating iPad Air2

    I was flying & filming some b-roll this past weekend and in the middle of my second flight my iPad Air2 experienced an "overheating event" and it temporarily shutdown. This of course was a little disconcerting being in mid flight. Has anyone experienced this and have you come to a solution or...
  3. C

    iPad does not connect to controller

    New Mavic pro owner here. I've got my MP working with my LG k7 android phone fine, but my ultimate goal was to use the iPad Air 2 (with the hope of running ground station maybe). For some reason, my iPad doesn't seem to connect to the controller. I am using the USB plug on the bottom of the...