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  1. ropate

    Platinum Sunset in Fiji

    A short video from a recent trip to Savusavu in Fiji. Didn't get much free time to get the Mavic up, but it was such a gorgeous sunset.
  2. A

    Sailing Croatia 2020

    This is a video of this years sailing in Croatia. Drone used is Mavic Air.
  3. A

    Vlog by the water (jet skis) w Plenty of M2p shots of islands, inlets. FUN! take your mind off things.

    Finally launched our channel (for which I now have time to edit stuff i've shot) with plenty of M2P shots from the coast of S Florida. a jet ski adventure. enjoy Jay
  4. blackomega

    Tidal waters creating beautiful Rapids

    Hello This is Butzee Rapids MY home is on a small island and behind the island we get these rapids when the tide is right. Enjoy
  5. P

    El Nido Islands Explo - Aerial 4K

    Hello all, I’d love to share with you some airborne highlights of El Nido, Palawan! Of course, it’s definitely better in person so feel free to come and explore. If you can only visit one, though, I still recommend Coron, Palawan a bit more for reasons like Japanese shipwrecks and fish variety...
  6. thefrisbee995

    Mavic Meets Canary...

    Went away for a week in Fuerteventura which is one of the Spanish Canary Islands last week and came back with some pretty awesome footage. Only some of it is in the video I made but if you are a Mavic Pilot, I'd defiantly recommend the place if you're bringing your drone. Only annoying thing is...