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    Mini 3 Last of 2022 - Arsuf cliffs in Israel

    I'm a new to this great hobby, still learning a lot about every aspect of flying, filming and editing. This is a short clip from my my last video of 2022, Would be happy to hear from you anything that might help me get better :)
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    Air 2 Shchunat Hakaravanim, Bat Yam, Israel

    Shot in August 2021. I should probably shoot another video in August 2022. Shchunat Hakaravanim, translated as "Trailer Park Neighborhood", is a neighborhood in Bat Yam which could end up getting extinct due to the rapid construction work taking part in the area hoping to build skyscrapers and a...
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    Mini 2 Dead Sea

  4. C

    Air 1 My home Place

    HI great day here today. Were i live at..this came out. Guy
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    Flying drone in Israel

    Hello, I'm planning a trip to Israel in February. I read you need 2 permissions. Does anyone had experience with flying drone in Israel and getting the permissions? Any help would be great.
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    Ancient Akko (or some spell it Acre) in Northern Israel

    Ancient Akko (or some spell it Acre) in Northern Israel - continuously inhabited since the Middle Bronze Age, some 4,000 years ago