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italy travel

  1. Bob Dempsey

    I want to get the EU open license in Italy - anyone in Italy can answer questions?

    Hi all - I'm traveling to EU this summer starting in Italy. I have friends living there and have an address that I can use in Rome. I see a non-government agency saying that they are the only way to get the license in Italy. I'm trying not to get scammed and would like real info. My Italian is...
  2. M

    Florence, Italy in 4K!

    Took a recent trip to Florence and was inspired to launch the Mavic up to get some aerial shots of this beautiful city! Includes shots of Ponte Vecchio, the Arno river, Brunelleschi's dome, and more. Enjoy the 4K footage!
  3. Elektrica

    Bella Milano. A short film about the city of Milan | new evolving skyline Cinematic 4k drone footage

    A short video about the evolution of the city of Milan and her changing skyline. Featuring the La Scala Theater, Il Quadrilatero della Moda, Citylife, Torre Velasca, The Science Museum and the Toti Submarine, The Duomo di Milano, Sant'Ambrogio, Santa Maria delle Grazie, The Atellani Garden...