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    Does this look jittery to you?

    Good Evening Folks, Happy Holidays to you all! I wanted to reach out with a couple of questions about jittery footage. My Mavic 3 (and Mini 2 for that matter) seems to playback fairly jittery footage on my MacBook Pro 2020 (32GB Ram Intel i7 Quad Core) model. It’s especially noticeable in the...
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    Jittery Video...Please Help!

    My Mavic Pro consistently produces jittery video (the live feed while flying as well as the recorded video). I have tried all that I can think of to fix this issue without success. Is this drone defective, or am I doing something wrong on my end. I shoot in manual, 4k at 30 fps, a shutter speed...
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    Mavic lost video, maps and gps 1500 ft away

    Hi , I was flying in a park today and decided to go over a gorge to do some aerial shots of the road bridge. I flew up over the trees and headed to the gorge, when the mavic got there (around 1500ft away) the maps on my iPhone disappeared and the video feed cut out. On the controller I didn't...