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  1. S

    Katana with Mavic 2 Pro

    Hi everybody, I am planning to take a doors off helicopter flight over NYC. I would like to take with me Mavic 2 Pro with katana for shooting stabilized video, but I do not know if the Mavic will be work in video mode not in flight mode there. Do you know is it possible? Please advice. With...
  2. bo1210

    Can't get video on DJI app via WiFi for use with Katana

    UPDATE: Apparently, an update this morning to DJI Go 4 has corrected the problem. Problem? My phone finds and connects to the Mavic Pro's WiFi just fine. But when I launch the DJI Go app, the Mavic Air shows on the screen. I choose the Mavic Pro, then hit Enter Device and it just goes to the...
  3. A

    Polar Pro Katana - DJI Mavic combination

  4. SGM

    Katana techniques and settings Q.

    I've read the Katana threads and haven't found the info I need so I thought I would post to general forum for anyone using the Katana.I purchased the katana and have had some luck with it as it's perfect for areas you cant fly, but not happy with the results (which I am certain are all user...
  5. Shep

    Are any of you using the Katana for your Mavic Pro?

    Are any of you currently using the Katana by Polar Pro for any of your "ground" work or Real Estate work? I bought the Osmo and took it back, and looking at other options. Would be nice to be able to do it all by taking just one kit. :)