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  1. blackomega

    Mini 2 Kite Surfers on the Skeena River

    Here is a group of kite surfers having fun on the Skeena River in British Columbia Canada
  2. G

    Mavic Air for water sports?

    I am thinking to get a Mavic Air - and my goal is to do some general hobbyist photos, and some video of Windsurfing and Kitesurfing. A few questions; 1) I assume that obstacle avoidance would not detect things like the cords in a kitesurfing set of lines? 2) How much practice time is required...
  3. Surf Rescue SLSGB IRB Championships 2017

    Surf Rescue SLSGB IRB Championships 2017

    ***** This is a short film of the SLSGB IRB Surf Rescue Championships held in Exmouth in September 2017 race only short films will be released soon so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out! *****
  4. In-The-Drone-Zone

    Kite Surfing In Bali

    Hope you guys like the video it was fun spending an afternoon chasing the kite surfers.
  5. T

    DJI Mavic shooting kitesurfing and SUPing in Cape Hatteras

    My Mavic Pro arrived in Canada last Monday and had to take it on a kiteboarding and surf trip down in the Outer Banks. Some things I'm still working out - horizons aren't always straight in the wind (winds were up to 25knots); need to play with a few more colour profiles; and need another two...