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#koh samui

  1. DroneZone Samui

    Air 2 Koh Samui - Pra Buddha Dipankara

    Hello from Ko Samui ! At the highest point of the island (635m) there is a temple complex that is still being built. The air is a little cooler up there ..... and you can enjoy a magnificent view .... The soundtrack of the clip was sampled by myself with "Magix Music Maker". Thank`s for...
  2. DroneZone Samui

    Air 2 Koh Samui - The legendary Chaweng Beach 2021

    New Video from our beautiful Island. The famous "Chaweng Beach" in April 2021
  3. DroneZone Samui

    Air 2 Samui Island Thailand - Feel the Spirit of the Pirates

    Hello from Koh Samui, Short flight in the south of our beautiful island. It's hot and there are almost no visitors at the moment. But there is good news: From July vaccinated tourists will be able to enter freely , without quarantine or other restrictions :cool:
  4. D

    New Member from Scotland

    Hello all, Had my Mavic for a few months now and loving it. I live in Scotland but have my bird with me for a wee Asia trip. Anyone in Hong Kong or Koh Samui? Thank you to the peoples advice I've already found. Look forward to being part of the community.