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landing pad

  1. Cheech Wizard

    Magnetic Interference

    I'm assuming there is spring steel in my landing pad? That's 360 degrees of a magnetic ring around my Mavic Pro? Any opinions on this?:oops:
  2. A

    Highly portable landing pad?

    I have the mavic pro 2. I do not like any of the available landing pads. Most of them fold up to 12" diameter which is too big. I'd be willing to try some DIY. Is there anything that meets my requirements? 1. Folds to size of rolled up newspaper 2. Minimum 20" in width and length (preferably...
  3. gjmphoto

    Inexpensive Landing Pad

    Folks...being a photographer, I have a lot of extra equipment laying around. It happens I had an old beaten up reflector (foldable). So I converted it to be a launching pad by using four binder clips with four fishing weights attached. I put a uni-directional pattern on the surface using...
  4. PaulArcher

    Best 6 Mavic accessories that aren't a pain in the ***

    Hey there, guys, I always see online people reviewing tons of accessories for the Mavic but if you get all of them your flight experience sucks. Mostly because it takes so much time to install every accessory and carry them with you. So i made a video with my favorite 6 that are small and...
  5. helmut

    Not suitable for landing

    Hi, I used this landing pad for landing and the above message appears. Anyone know what is wrong? I had to land manually next to the landing pad. But message came up only 2 times.
  6. heo3480

    Review: 3 useful accessories for your Mavic

    Let's talk DJI Mavic Pro Accessories - Please find my review of 3 accessories for your Mavic Pro Hope you like it and will provide feedback for future products we can look into.
  7. S

    Favored Mavic Accesories I've personally own, bought and use.

    I thought I would include some of my favorite accessories I've bought for the mavic in a list. I do reviews on gadgets but not much on accessories for things. But I still wanted to,share what I've personally bought and used with others that have wondered about these items. Most of these can be...
  8. DownandLocked

    Landing Pads and Return to Home Accuracy

    I want to use a dock at a lake for take offs and returns. I've seen landing pads available with high contrast markings. Would this increase RTH accuracy. My dock is 8 feet wide and I don't want my Mavic landing in the water.
  9. R

    DIY cheap, quick, portable landing pad

    Take one of these, available in packs from Lowes or Walmart Cut it into quarters, down the middle. Flip the edges in and lock. Flip it over and spray paint as desired. I just used masking tape and a can lid. When dry, unlock, stack and wrap with a couple of velcro straps. Makes a 1...