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  1. V

    Mid Year Sale on LifThor Sif Tablet Holder "COMBO"

    We have finally created at COMBO of the COLLAPSIBLE LifThor Sif - that includes most of the stuff you'll need to get an awesome flying experience. You save USD $50 on this combo until June 18th. Choose between Standard and XXL Tablet Holder, Lightning, Micro USB or USB Type C cable, and...
  2. R

    Poor boy mods for a better Mavic

    You wont break the bank with these and the battery case is a wonderful improvement to the wimpy iphone 6S built in battery.
  3. LakeTravis

    Finally, a 3D Printed Remote Controller Lanyard Strap Bracket

    Found this today on Ebay. Mavic Remote Lanyard Adapter. It looks like the perfect solution for those (like me) who wish they could use a lanyard to hang on to the Mavic Pro Remote. I ordered three from one of several sources (all from China and the far east). They only had three left and I...