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learning by doing

  1. Tanushiheadbash

    What I have learned in my first few weeks

    Well, I have had my Mavic Air about a month all in now, and doing my best to get out with it at every opportunity. Unfortunately with the weather over the last few weeks that's not actually that much.(About 2 and a half hours total flying time) Nonetheless I have learned a few things. My...
  2. V

    Final trip aboard Lets Live (Learning By Doing Ep 59)

    This is a sailing video but there is some nice footage from my Mavic. I achieved a goal of getting drone footage while sailing solo, it was pretty nerve wracking bring the bird in to land while still sailing though!
  3. V

    Sailing North

    We leave the Whitsunday Islands and sail north. We have 3 weeks before Ylva flys out of Cairns so we spend it visiting some nice spots along the way like Magnetic Island, Hinchenbrook Island and Dunk Island. I get some really good aerial footage as we motor up the mangrove creeks at the northern...