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lg cells

  1. thebigbaddan

    LG phones with Mavic Air?

    I'm specifically interested in the LG Stylo 3-- which there is a $99 Boost Mobile version of, which I could use as a dedicated Mavic screen without cellular. It's got good specs and a great screen. I have an LG K20 now (small, but the screen is crap), and want to either upgrade or get a...
  2. RolandS888

    Flying on 18650 cells

    Set this up using the original battery monitoring board from a destroyed battery and 3 new LG HG2 18650 cells. I couldnt get the mon board to turn on so I powered the Mavic through one of the battery plugs I installed on the side. The mon board was plugged into the balance wires on the 18650...