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  1. Z

    Mavic can't fly further than 30 m ?

    Hi all, today when I wanted to take some shots I wasn't able to fly further than about 30 m. The drone stops and the remote tells me max flight distance reached. So I landed and restarted it, checked to see if beginner and distance limit was disabled, it was, and tried again. It still did the...
  2. M

    RC Signal Lost Rapidly on/off, faulty controller?

    Okay, so starting with a few points. -I've tried firmware .700, .800 and now .900 -I've recently upgraded from a Phantom 3 Standard to my Mavic Pro -I'm familiar with correct antenna positioning for best signal -I'm currently using an iPhone 5S as the device with my remote in Airplane Mode I'm...
  3. D

    Downgrade Dji Mavic 800 to 700 f/w

    Will there be a flight limit of 800 and 700 on the 800 and 700?
  4. O

    Remove height limitation (Solved - Not Possible)

    How to I fly higher than the max altitude? Im outside the US and in really remote places, but still can't pass the height limit? Can I use Litchi or another app to do it?
  5. M

    NFZ Limit Cannot Take Off After .600 Firmware

    I am attempting to fly in multiple places that I have flown over the past three weeks since acquiring my Mavic. None of which are NFZ's though they do fall in and around Geo green circles. I pushed the .600 update today, and on my first flight the controller indicated NFZ Limit for a few seconds...