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  1. B

    DJI Mavic Pro Lines in video

    Hey all. I finally got myself a nice drone and have been having troubles shooting video. I have watched a couple of videos on settings and it doesn’t seem to help. I’m including a raw video that I uploaded to show what I’m seeing. This was shot with a 100 ISO and shutter darkened just enough to...
  2. C

    [Help] - Vertical/horizontal artifacts unknown

    Hi all, I was shooting my Mavic about 45 degrees away from the sun and noticed these vertical & horizontal lines after viewing on my PC. Not sure if it was caused by the sun direction or the D-Log profile - 0, 0, 0 ? If someone with some previous knowledge could help that would be a...
  3. ebrandon

    What are these lines in my video?

    I think these might be shadows of the propellers on the camera? They went away when I changed direction away from the sun. Do we need some kind of lens hood for the camera? 15 second long 4k video. 56 MB. Prop Shadow.mp4
  4. K

    Video Quality Issues

    Hello all, I've been flying my mavic for quite a bit and recently realized that the video quality is terrible. I did some research on the internet and saw that especially the first generation mavics can have technical problems because there was a lot of demand at that time and DJI decided to...
  5. L

    Help with weird horizontal lines / banding on mavic pro

    I've had my Mavic for about 3 months. Yesterday, these horizontal lines started showing up on some of my photos. (pic attached) Of the 200+ photos I've taken in the last 48 hours, only about 5 have the horizontal lines, and they were all when the mavic was facing the same direction. This...