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litchi mission

  1. P

    Litchi mission manually control altitude

    When flying a Litchi mission I’m able to adjust speed and yaw, which is great, BUT I can't adjust the altitude. Does anyone know how to enable it, or can confirm that it's not possible so I stop searching the whole www for an answer. Thanks.
  2. danCER

    A Litchi Mission Go Awry-or so I thought

    Hello. I have flown Litchi Missions ever since I bought my first Phantom 3 Standard, and my drone has always returned even though the signal was often lost for a few moments. I have flown Litchi missions with my Mavic, but only a few. I made a nice 8 minute mission, loaded it on my tablet, and...
  3. C

    NOOB having Litchi waypoint focus issues

    Short, 4min, waypoint rtg litchi mission here in Hawaii today. Mavic Pro with DJI 16ND filter 4K. (Being a NOOB don't know what else to add. All firm ware and IOS litchi app up to date.) The resulting video once processed via Movie Maker has moments of going blurry and in and out of focus. Also...
  4. Johnny21

    Litchi mission close call

    This is my first Litchi mission since my Phantom 3 Pro.I always use mission hub (PC version) to plan the mission and Google maps for elevations.Never had any problems.Today I started the mission and everything was going smooth until I saw my mavic heading to a tree.I hit pause and the mavic...