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  1. Squidinc

    Lithium Batteries - Airline transport requirements

    Hi guys This December I will be travelling with Qantas from Australia to New Zealand, and will be taking my Mavic Air 2 with me, including three Lithium batteries. Policies regarding battery transport vary by airline, so if your travelling make sure to check your specific airline's policy...
  2. Prospero

    Longer Flight Times Coming

    "A collaboration led by scientists at the University of Maryland (UMD), the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the U.S. Army Research Lab have developed and studied a new cathode material that could triple the energy density of lithium-ion battery electrodes...
  3. Kennyh1982

    Anyone experience travelling with Mavic Pro (handluggage)

    Dear People, Im new in the drone world.. I m using my mavic pro now since 2 weeks in my village.. but tuesday im going on holidays to Algarve, Portugal.. I fly from Brussels with TUI.. Now my question... Can I just take my drone with me in my handluggage without any troubles at the security...


    Hey Guys. First post. I am flying into LAX in 3 days, then Canada and back to US. I will be hauling a Mavic with 3 batteries. Has anyone had any experience with: * Customs and getting Lithium Batteries in? * Customs and getting a Drone into the country (can I bring in carry on? Or should I...