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    Mavic Mini live view pausing during photo capture

    My live view feed is usually very smooth and responsive but every time I take a photo it pauses for a second. Is this a glitch or am I being shown a preview of the photo? I have an SD card so it should be the Drone saving the picture. While taking lots of photos or using the 2-second continuous...
  2. 7

    Trouble Livestreaming to YouTube, RTMP

    I'm using DJI GO 4 with a Mavic 2 Pro. I have no problem streaming to Facebook. It works great. I'm having trouble with YouTube: I can sign in, but when I go to start it, fill in the necessary info, and hit "go live", I'm given an error: It's the screenshot that says "JSON-RPC Protocol...
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    RTMP secured streaming

    hello all, does anyone currently use a rtmp service to stream their videos live that isn't social media/YouTube? I would like to be able to stream the live feed from my MA or MP to multiple users (<20) remotely but password protect it so not anyone can access the stream. I've researched a few...
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    Video Feed For Samsung Galaxy S7 Users

    I currently run a Samsung galaxy s7 active, and up until the 4.2.20 firmware update on june 10th 2018 the mavic was running smooth. I film in a lot of remote locations where drone laws are non existent and would frequently fly out over 2 miles with little live video lag or dropout. (SEE IMAGE...