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  1. M

    New Pilot-Near dMv( Maryland/Prince George’s County)

    New Pilot, I purchased Mavic Pro Platinum In 2019 and returned it due to all of the restrictions in the DMV. I’m trying it out again now with more optimism, Any areas in Maryland just outside of the 15-30 miles of Reagan National, (just outside/inside PG county that are worth visiting to fly? I...
  2. KelvinB

    Hi from new Magic Air flyer - Brisbane, Australia

    Hey everyone I’m brand new to drone flying and Mavic. Excited to seek out great flying locations in the Brisbane and south east. Any tips and guidance would be appreciated Cheers
  3. kcoleman805

    Headed to San Francisco

    Hey all, Headed to San Francisco and wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the best places to fly and get some awesome shots. I will only be in town a few days, so I wanna get as much filming done as possible. Thanks for the help! Kasey
  4. N

    UK Locations

    Looking to find some great locations to go and fly in the UK that would obviously look spectacular by air. Any suggestions?