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  2. clackey

    MavicPilots Merchandise

    Hey all - we've had a lot of requests for decals, t-shirts, etc.. so we decided to partner with a few community members to provide our "officially licensed" merchandise. You can find MavicPilots tshirts and decals from aerial-pixel at the store below. Aerial-Pixel Graphics and Apparel for...
  3. Jerthewizard

    Mavic Pilots Decals

    My wife and I have a vinyl cutter and are making Mavic Pilots Decals, by hand. We can make any other "DJI inspired" Decals as well. ;-) Please note:They are NOT on a white background (everything that is white in the pic, is clear once applied). Big ones are 4 x 2.25" Small ones are 2 x 1.25"...