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  1. Amit Dunsky

    Flying in London - calling experienced pilots

    I'll be visiting London next week, and are taking my M3P with me. I've already completed my Flyer ID and Operator ID certifications, so I'm good on that part. Looking at the maps, I see that flying the drone East and South to the Tower bridge is allowed. However, I've seen a Youtube video of...
  2. A

    New Pilot from Tooting, South London, UK

    Hello everyone, I recently bought the Dji Mini 2, and I want to fly my drone, but I cannot find any legal place to fly? I am using DJI Fly Safe and Drone Assist App to see where I can fly, but it’s all red or yellow zone near me. I already have my fly ID and operator ID. Thanks.
  3. B

    How to create a flight plan

    Hi All I need to make a application to the CAA / NATS for a non standard flight in central London and will need to submit a flight plan as part of that. Any recommendations of websites or apps that allow you to create the plans? Many thanks Ben
  4. ZenSamurai

    Mini Editing attempts shot with Mini 2

    After watching Peter McKinnon's video on Luminar AI, I've decided to give it a try on a random picture I had. This is the result. What suggestions would you give me for improving the picture, hit me up. (Apart from the Sun, which I did not try enough to blend in, so I would like it.)
  5. KingsleyCng

    Purley Way Playing Fields, South London

    I feel like I'm getting used to this flying thing, still experimenting with the newly acquired ND filters on the Mavic Mini. Let me know your thoughts! :)
  6. I

    Flying in London

    I just got my very first drone and was wondering where i might be able to fly in at south london, I know that Richmond park has a drone area but what about Battersea/Clapham common park?
  7. J

    New in London

    Hi all I just signed up... looks like an interesting and useful place:-) I’m a photographer in London. Bought my first drone - a Mavic 2 Pro - 2 months ago. Have been delighted with the images I’ve been getting. Living in London is a bit restrictive for flying but I’m getting out a few times...
  8. N

    Newbie Checking in

    Hi All On my way home (Sth London) where my shiny new Mavic waiting for me (delivered this morning). My first drone so any advice would be greatly appreciated especially what not to do. I’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube getting up to speed on the mavic and drone basics Can anyone recommend a...
  9. tydrones

    Live yours to the extreme with your Mavic Air!

  10. Kvark

    Bromley, Kent (London) new pilot is there..

    Hello there! I am turn forty recently and my lovely wife make me a wonderfull present - Mavic Platinum Pro (fly more combo) :) She told me that we, mens are still boys (even 40ty), so "helicopter with remote" always make us happy :D And she is right :) I just test it today, and make a...
  11. I

    Snow over London

    All of London woke up to a winter wonderland today. I had to wait until the afternoon for the snow to stop falling enough that I felt comfortable flying, and managed to get a few minutes out of it.
  12. J

    Hello from London - Day 1 / Flight 1 / Video 1!

    Hey all. First day with the Mavic. Pretty amazing. Also first day with Premier Pro where I made this: via an excellent 20 min online tutorial from this guy: All comments appreciated!
  13. davidduewel

    Mavic Pilots - London

    Any pilots around London? Looking to find a group to locate a drone friendly area and take the drones for a spin?