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long range

  1. Texas Mavic

    ***SOLD***ITELITE DBS Nanosync ANTENNA $40free ship!! Click here for the details please!

    $40 bucks shipped free!!!!! Hello fellow pilots, I have here an Itelite DBS directional antenna. With two patch cables to connect to your modified controller. I bought this a few months back, tried it out on a couple flights, and in the closet it went. I posted it for sale on eBay...
  2. D

    Mavic pro external Battery mod

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting the external battery mod on sale at maxx uav with the XT60 connectors for 3s batteries. The actual Battery opening is 1.37" (via the straps) and i was just wondering if anyone knew which batteries would work best to give me some additional flight time.
  3. D

    Amp Modification decreased signal?

    Hello, I recently got a Mavic Pro and decided to boost it. I did the same thing for my Phantom 3 standard except the P3 also had a 5.8ghz amp. I had a P3 S that would fly farther than most P3 pros so I decided to do the same mod to my Mavic Pro I was wondering if anyone has ever noticed...
  4. E

    Satellite/LTE control Mavic Pro/Pro Platinum

    Hi Guys, I know I am new to the forum (I am a satellite, chemistry and saltwater reef guy) but I have been interested in developing an alternative signal method to control your Mavic Pro, pro platinum and even more expensive units like the Inspire 2 and Matrice. Now there are really two...
  5. JoshuaCarlton


    I am selling my Mavic pro fly more combo with Titan cyclone long range antenna because I find myself using my Phantom 4 pro more. Everything is in perfect working condition, always hand caught, never a crash or hard landing. still has the original props on but I am also including 6 spare props...
  6. Gh0stxSinghx

    3s 3600mah battery pack for weight 226g/8oz

    Hi Guys, I want extra battery pack ok, Mavic is around 1.1 kg. 3s 3600mah battery pack is only around 226g? I try find no where 3s 3600mah 226g.. I can buy where link for good battrey and wieght (3600mah pack and 226g)? Thanks,